​ DAMTA - Past Fall Courses

Past Fall Courses

2017:  Inside Repertoire

A thorough look into selected masterpieces across varied musical eras

2016:  The Periods of Music

Exploring repertoire, style and context

2015:  Finding the Emotional Rhythm

Teaching students to perform with physical freedom and unique expressiveness

2014:  Teaching Composition

Bringing creativity into the teacher's studio

2013:  Conscious Listening

This 7-session course covered 14 topics with the goal of Increasing your vocabulary of compositional terms and to hear details more clearly.

2012:  The Psychology of Music: What Every Music Teacher Should Know

A 7-part series that covered a wide range of topics: Music and the Brain, Handling Different Learning Styles, Motivating and Empowering Students, Practicing Toward Successful Performance, Motor Learning Science and other topics.

2011:  Studio Technology for the Past, Present and Future

Presented by nationally recognized expert Shana Kirk

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