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Our Mission:
- To promote excellence in the teaching of music by offering learning opportunities in pedagogy and the basic knowledge of music;
- To promote the appreciation and study of music;
- To provide opportunity for exchange of ideas and materials;
- To foster fellowship among our members

The Denver Area Music Teachers Association (DAMTA) is a local chapter of the Colorado State Music Teachers Association, affiliated with the Music Teachers National Association.
The next DAMTA event is February 14:
Membership Meeting and Program
Spend your Valentine's Day morning with us and come to our monthly membership meeting followed by a program given by Ivana Muncan: Music and Memory.
This presentation will focus on the history of memorization in music performance, the different types of memory, and how quality memorization skills can improve our students’ performances by enhancing understanding and security.
Memorizing and performing pieces of music is a substantial part of musical performance. In this presentation Ivana will be focusing on the history of the practice of memorizing music, different types of memory such as aural, analytical, visual and muscle memory, how they impact the quality of performance, and what is the value of memorization. By teaching our students about the various types of memory we can foster good memorization skills and greatly improve students’ performance level, understanding, and security in their performances. Through piano repertoire examples, both from the traditional piano repertoire and from avant-garde repertoire of the 20th century, she will explore strategies for memorizing pieces suitable for college level students
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: 1332 S. Broadway, Denver  

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Join us for our Fall Course "Inside Repertoire: A Thorough look into selected masterpieces across varied musical eras." Topics include the exploration of music of Latin America, Grieg, Debussy, and Prokofiev. Other presentations will focus on modern music, the Classical Piano Sonata, and performance indications. If you are a DAMTA member sign up for our Fall Course by clicking here. You will have to print the form, fill it out, and send a check to our treasurer. Sign up by August 1 and you will receive our promotional DAMTA member rate!

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